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Nuno Bernardo is a TV and film writer and bestselling YA author with 21 books published and a million copies sold worldwide. Nuno created and wrote several award-winning and Emmy-nominated TV series, including Beat Girl, Final Punishment and Flatmates. Nuno Bernardo’s works include the Sofia’s Diary book series, the Mariana’s Secret Diary series and Bia & Fred. He also collaborated with Jasmina Kallay on the novel adaptation of the Beat Girl TV series (story by) and with M. K. Shaddix in Made With Love.

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Sofia's Diary

Published in Portugal, Brazil and UK/Ireland

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Made with Love

4 million readers on

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Beat Girl

UK and Portuguese bestseller

Books Published


YA Fiction:
  • Sofia’s Diary Book Series (Portugal, UK and Brazil). Creator and co-writer
  • Mariana’s Secret Diary Series (Portugal). Creator and co-writer.
  • Bia & Fred (Portugal). Author.
  • As Aventuras do Miguel (Portugal). Creator and co-writer
  • Dark Siege (Portugal). Creator.
Graphic Novel:
  • Collider Graphic Novel (UK, Ireland and Portugal). Creator.
Chick lit:
  • Made with Love (UK, US). Collaborator with M.K. Shaddix. 
  • Beat Girl (UK, Portugal). Collaborator with Jasmina Kallay.
  • The Producer’s Guide to Transmedia. Author.
  • Transmedia 2.0Author.

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